Why Iā€™m Running


The Texas model of limited government and a predictable regulatory climate has served us well, as shown by the amount of people fleeing California daily. I'm running for State Representative to keep Texas as a shining beacon of jobs, growth, and prosperity.

Property taxes

Soaring property taxes are out of control and have created a burden on working families, small businesses, and seniors.

Our Schools

We need to direct more money into the classroom so that teachers and students have the best chance to excel.

Secure Our Border

I will fight to direct resources that secure our border so we keep our communities and schools safe.

Jobs and Growth

Frivolous regulations and lawsuits hurt our economy and kill local jobs. I will work to clear the way for local businesses to thrive and grow our economy.


I am proudly pro-life and will unapologetically defend the right of unborn children to life.

Second Amendment 

The Constitution is clear: Our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.