The true measure of a man

By February 20, 2018News

I heard a quote on our favorite Christian radio station recently that you don’t measure a man by what he’s done for money, but by what he’s done for free.

Early voting is finally here, and I’m asking you to cast your vote for a true servant leader: my husband, Jason Isaac. Over the last few months, I’ve watched my husband work tirelessly for Congressional District 21, meeting with voters in 10 counties, attending candidate forums and meetings and coffees, and putting literally thousands of miles on our cars. No one will outwork Jason Isaac to push a conservative agenda in Congress.

I’ve been proud of my husband’s servant heart for years.

  • For two decades, since before our boys were born, he’s volunteered as a youth coach and started a youth lacrosse league in our community.
  • He founded and still leads the Texas Natural Gas Foundation, which has done incredible work promoting clean, domestic energy, for no salary.
  • And in Texas, state legislators are paid just $600 per month. This is less than our family’s health insurance premiums, thanks to Obamacare, so our family actually pays the State of Texas to allow him to serve!

But it’s worth it, because my husband’s record in the Texas Legislature fighting for limited government, low taxes, a secure border, and upholding our Constitution is second to none. And we need your vote to continue the fight in the place that needs it most: Washington, D.C. to Make America Like Texas.

Please click here to find out where you can vote early for Jason Isaac in your county.


Carrie Isaac