Rep. Isaac Passes Habitat for Humanity Legislation

AUSTIN — Rep. Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) successfully passed House Bill 1512, which aims to help charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity help low-income Texans achieve homeownership through charity and sweat equity.

“I’m excited to have passed this important piece of legislation,” said Rep. Isaac. “Habitat and nonprofit organizations like it provide an outstanding service to Texans in need, helping them find a pathway out of poverty.”

“Homeownership has widely documented benefits, from improved health and economic freedom to more stable family lives,” said Amy Ledbetter Parham, executive director of Habitat for Humanity Texas. “This bill will give more hard-working Texans a boost to buy their own homes. It’s good for them and great for the Texas economy, bringing communities all the benefits of solid neighborhoods.”

With costs of living, property values, and permitting costs on the rise, particularly near urban centers, it has become increasingly difficult for nonprofit organizations to continue helping Texans in need. HB 1512 increases the maximum amount of loans that Habitat and other sweat-equity organizations can extend from $90,000 to $150,000. These loans are partially serviced by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs through the Bootstrap Loan Program and partially by other sources, often charitable grants.

“HB 1512 is one step towards making homeownership more affordable for Texans,” said Rep. Isaac. “I look forward to continuing to work on more ways to reduce regulations, fees, and taxes to relieve the financial burdens on the hardworking people I serve.”

The bill has been sent to the Texas Senate for consideration, where its companion was recently voted out of committee.

Rep. Isaac is a fourth-generation native Texan who has served House District 45 since 2011. He is the vice president of the Texas Conservative Coalition, the conservative caucus in the Texas Legislature, and founding chair of the Hill Country Caucus. He is proud to represent Hays and Blanco counties and lives in Drippings Springs with his wife, Carrie, and two sons.



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