Rep. Isaac Earns “Courageous Conservative” Award

AUSTIN, TX – State Representative Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) has been named a “Courageous Conservative” by the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) for his role in advancing conservative principles in the 84th Legislature.  This award is based on a comprehensive scorecard in which hundreds of votes are scored, and is the most representative, deliberative and reliable scorecard available to members.

Rep. Isaac stated, “It’s an honor to be to be recognized for my conservative leadership and voting record in the House.  As an effective and conservative member I’m happy to report to the people I serve in Hays and Blanco counties that we made significant cuts in taxes while maintaining a balanced budget.”
“For the first time in three decades Texas will not utilize short-term debt through Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANS) to meet cashflow needs, thus truly living within our means,” Rep. Isaac continued.

TCC is backed by research from a conservative think-tank, Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute, and is guided by four principles: Limited Government, Individual Liberties, Free Enterprise, and Traditional Values.
60 members of the Texas Legislature signed the 2015 TCC Pledge with Texans that promises to advance, support and vote for legislation to secure the border, improve public education, reform and reduce taxes, advance fiscal responsibility, and advance economic freedom.
Rep. Isaac concluded, “I pledged, to the people I serve, to support conservative principles and have kept my word.”

Rep. Isaac is a TCC board member and was elected by conservative colleagues to an officer position earlier this year.  He has received this award in all three terms that he has served in the Texas Legislature.


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