As your State Representative, I will continue to focus my efforts on resolving the following issues, which I believe are critical to the future growth and prosperity of Texas.

Education -

It’s time we put the ‘Independent’ back in Independent School District, and it’s well overdue that our State and Federal government quit micromanaging our local schools. By reducing burdensome unfunded mandates, reducing our dependence on standardized testing, increasing accountability, and shifting decision making away from the bureaucrats in Austin and to our local school boards, principals, teachers, and families, can provide every child with a path to success. Texas students deserve a world-class education that prepares them for a future, not just taking a test.

Water -

In 2013, voters approved $2B out of the rainy day fund to fund our state’s water plan. This $2B along with local matching dollars, earned interest, and other investment strategies, should fully fund the state’s water plan for years to come and ensure a sustainable water supply for future generations of Texans. We must continue to support legislation that helps to implement this plan, protects our natural resources and promotes water conservation.

Property Taxes –

Texans are being taxed out of their homes.  The appraisal cap on property taxes must be reduced from 10% to 3%; then we must work to eliminate property taxes all together.  We shouldn’t have to rent our homes from the government.  Just like you and I, our local governments must learn to live within their means.  In times of economic prosperity, government should return taxes to the taxpayers via tax cuts. Taxes on small businesses must be cut to encourage job creation and investment.  Tax cuts create jobs and economic expansion.  Egregious taxes stifle growth.

Responsible Spending -

Government should live within its means, just like the rest of us. Bloated budgets that do not provide money for the state’s major funding priorities such as education, water and transportation is unacceptable. The state’s budget should be written in line item-format in order to easily understand where the money is coming from and what it is being used to fund.

Energy -

Energy is one of the main reasons why Texas leads the nation economically. We have abundant amounts of clean and natural resources that help us reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The energy and natural gas industry has created thousands of jobs for Texans. Unfortunately,  the Environmental Protection Agency seeks to implement regulations that can hurt our economy. Washington must step aside from the mandates and allow the Texas Legislature to make reasonable and predictable regulations at the state level.

Border Security & Immigration -

The recent border crisis has put Texas citizens at health and safety risks, and the state is spending un-appropriated millions to counter the crisis. The federal government is unwilling to commit the resources necessary to seal the border so it becomes incumbent upon Texans to do so.  We must commit resources required to once and for all secure our border in order to avoid another border crisis in years to come.

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